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How Bail Bonds in Fullerton Work


When you or a loved one is arrested in Fullerton California, it is best to start the bail process before the person is transferred to the main County jail in Santa Ana. This is because the Fullerton Jail is a short-stay facility, which means that the person can be processed and transferred within a matter of hours.

Bail Bonds in Fullerton can be started right over the phone, in person at any jail in Orange County, or any location convenient for you. No bail agency is able to get your loved one released quicker than us. We have the ability to start the process quickly, extend credit if necessary, and get your loved one home ASAP.

At Bail Bonds in Fullerton we don’t answer to some regional manager, so we are able to get very creative when it comes to financing. We understand how financially tough things are these days. We don’t just look at a credit score when qualifying you.

Our main concern is getting your loved one released immediately, no matter what Orange County jail they are in. We’ll be happy to provide transportation if needed. We’re open 24 hours a day. Your call goes DIRECTLY to a licensed, experienced, professional bail agent.

Bail Bonds in Fullerton

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